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Wetroom – this is a room or bathroom with a shower but no shower cubicle or trays the water from the shower simply runs into a drain set in the floor, the room itself is the shower.

You may have dreamt of having a wetroom in your home but thought it impossible, but now with such a wide range of floor products available it’s easier than you think. There are many products to help you make the floor water-tight (this is called tanking) and you don’t even have to create the gradient/slope to the drain yourself because now you can buy pre-formed shower bases which can be tiled over to achieve the perfect wet room floor.

Many people just convert there existing bathroom into a wet room, but others will have a separate wetroom, it simply up to you which will suit your needs and how much room you have.

Don’t automatically think you’re bathroom is simply too small to create a wet-room, wet-rooms can be installed into both small and large bathroom, it just need some careful planning.

With a larger bathroom, your wet room ideas are almost limitless, but smaller ones need extra consideration and careful planning. In a smaller wetroom you could install a wet room panel, this is simply a sheet of toughened safety glass with minimal fixings which will protect the rest of the bathroom allowing you to have wet and dry areas. It won’t compromise on the wetroom design, but is more practical for a smaller bathroom. Wet room Panels are also a good idea of you are fitting a power shower and body jets, this will just help to protect the rest of the bathroom suite from the water, and after all you don’t want a soggy toilet roll!!

When you come to choosing you floor covering, you can choose from tiles, natural stone or even vinyl. There are many finishes, colours and patterns to choose from to inject your personal style into the design.

Want a wet room but don’t want cold feet in winter? It’s simple, you can even install electrical under-floor heating in your wetroom, as well as feeling warm on the toes the under-floor heating will also help wetroom to dry out. Always use an under-floor heating which is approved for use with the other wetroom construction products you will use.

Installing a wet room will create the ultimate minimalist designer look which means you can indulge in luxury every time you shower.

Wetrooms: Some things to think about

Consider where the sanitary ware, radiators and any storage will positioned, you don’t want to soak them when you shower.

Don’t choose shiny tiles for the wetroom floor, they will be slippery and are likely to cause Injury.

Wetroom panels may be the solution to help contains the water if you’re using a power shower and body jets

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