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What is a whirlpool bath? well essentially a massage bath and a whirlpool bath are the same thing, they are also known as Jacuzzi baths although Jacuzzi is a brand of bath not a type (it's like calling a vacuum cleaner a Hoover) Air spa baths (Airbaths) are a different animal, please see our Spa Bath Page.

Whirlpool Baths have jets on the side of the bath and an outlet (drain) on the bottom of the bath. The bath produces what is known as a hydro-massage by pumping water from the bath and pushing it out of the side jets. The jets of water are mixed with air, this increases the pressure of the massage effect, and can normally be adjusted by a control built into the bath.

The main difference between a 'good' and 'bad' Whirlpool bath (according to the sales pitch) is the the size of the jets, and the pressure created by various air / water mixes that each manufacturer 'chooses' for their particular brand of hydro-massage.  Whether the increased pressure and overall power output of these Whirlpool baths is 'worthwhile' is entirely down to personal preference. Some of the more powerful models can create a feeling of being punched in the ribs quite hard and repeatedly - if this is something you enjoy, then go for it!

All Whirlpool baths have some inherent 'built in' problems, these are:

1. As the bath water is pumped around the pipes, and mixed with air, a cooling effect is produced on the water. In most cases a Whirlpool bath will 'cool down' within 30 minutes and require a top up of hot water to maintain a comfortable temperature.

2. After use the bath will retain some water in the pipe work, pumps and base of the bath. If your Whirlpool bath isn't used regularly, this trapped water can become unpleasant so extra care and maintenance has to be employed to keep the bath clean and hygienic. Regular cleaning is also required once every month by using special solutions that disinfect the entire system.

3. Many suppliers will fit a Whirlpool system to almost any bath available, but beware (and check) that in some cases the bath is designed in such a way that it is difficult to fit the side jets low enough on the bath. This means that you could have a Whirlpool bath that sprays water ABOVE the water line in the bath.

Hydro-Massage - what is it, does it work?
There are some outrageous claims from some sources about the benefits of hydro massage, most are unproven, and we do not intend to publicise them here. However the following is what many people experience as being beneficial from hydro-massage although we have no scientific evidence as to these claims.

Hydro-massage works by combining heat and pressurised water to create a massaging effect on the body. The claimed results of this are:

A relaxing effect on the heart and major arteries making the flow of blood around the body more effective and thereby improving circulation. Those suffering from Arthritis and Rheumatism have reported improvements in their conditions from a reduction in inflammation.

The other major benefit seems to come from the overall (and increased) relaxing effect created by Hydro Massage, as we all know relaxation is always a benefit and simply being able to 'get away from it all' for a few precious minutes has got to be a good thing!

We have more information pages on various types of baths (see the menu at the left hand side of this page) there are also many pages about the various baths available in our Baths Section

Whirlpool Baths: Some things to think about...

• Check your measurements, will your Whirlpool bath fit?

• Whenever possible, try to locate your Whirlpool bath in the existing position, this will save on re-plumbing costs.

• Check the quality of the Whirlpool system, guarantees do vary even in the same price ranges.

• Make sure you new Whirlpool bath has a complimentary style to your existing bathroom items.

• Your new Whirlpool bath will probably be with you for many years, so think carefully about the colour!

You will have a little more maintenance to do with a Whirlpool bath, but it's not a major problem so it shouldn't put you off buying one.

There are many claims about the health benefits of Hydro Therapy, most are unsubstantiated.

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